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Unoa Sist fresh skin full set 1/4 bjd

Listing expired on: 02/18/19

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Near perfect condition

Unoa Sist doll.
 I never really messed with her. I removed her face-up but there are a few colored spots still, which I provided pictures for (considered stains, but if you soak her I'm sure it'll fade).  No scratches. Had for only about a year.  
Comes with everything she would originally come with: flat chest (and big chest which is already attached to her), multiple face plates, purple plastic high heels, black cat ears, eye mechanism and eyes (which I took out originally and don't know how to put back together. It will all be in a mini bag), white eyeglasses (plastic), face mask, and original box. Skin color is "fresh skin." I will provide other items such as a pair of dark green glass eyes to fit her, and the few clothes I bought for her.
There is NO yellowing. 
EVERYTHING will be packaged nice and neat, just as it came for me. She will be in her original box with cushion. Faceplates will be wrapped separately, as well as the additional chest. 
If wanted, a red and white bomber jacket can be added, only upon request.
If you want to negotiate a price, I am willing. 
Any other questions, message me!

Spots of remaining color:
• bellybutton, around breasts and nipples slightly
• Some color left between the creases of her fingers and toes
• a little black dot on her left foot
• On the winky face, in the lip
• her collarbone!!!! the most noticeable spot
These spots can be removed or covered!!!

My email is [email protected]

Shipping to United States: Contact seller for quote
Shipping outside United States: Contact seller for quote
Brand: Unoa
Gender: Female
Skintone: Normal
Condition: Like New
Damage: Staining
Yellowing: No Noticeable Yellowing
Yellowing Pattern: Even
Purchase History: First One To Own
Ownership: I Am The First Owner Of This Item
Proof: Original Box, Certificate Or Official Paperwork, Original Headplate
Layaway: Yes
Year: 2006 Or Older
Category: 1/4 Mini Dolls (40cm-49cm)
no refunds, layaway not preferred but can negotiate

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