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Listing Guidelines

At this time, this sales place is for only resin ball-jointed dolls, with a couple of exceptions.
We may be adding more exceptions later. Pullips and Blythe dolls are not allowed at this time.

More policies and guidance may be forthcoming as the site grows, please review this page regularly. Thank you!

Recasts are not allowed. No exceptions.

On Topic Dolls


Not Allowed:

  • Volks 1/6 Dollfies
  • Azone Dolls
  • Azone Kikipop (However the resin Kikipop is allowed)
  • Pullips
  • Blythe

Our scope is limited to dolls that meet the following requirements:

  • Dolls must be cast in resin to professional standards.
  • Dolls must not be mass-produced.
  • Dolls must be strung with tension.
  • Dolls must be articulated primarily with ball-and-socket joints.
  • Dolls must have functional joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. Dolls that do not have these body parts or that have non-human anatomy will be evaluated case by case.
  • Open-eyed human dolls must have changeable eyes; non-human dolls will be evaluated case by case.
  • Dolls must not have rooted hair. Sculpted hair must not interfere with movement.
  • Dolls must have consistent proportion, stylization, and anatomical detail in the body and head.
  • Dolls must have a fully rendered body that is suitable to display nude.


  • Pet Dolls Cast in Resin by Known BJD Companies
  • Volks Dollfie Dream lines that use the DD Inner Frame
  • Danny Choo's Smart Doll
  • Obitsu-licensed dolls that use their 40/50/60 series frameworks
  • Volks Dollfie Friends Baron
  • Ghost in the Shell Gynoid (2005)
  • Volks Reitenshi

Photos and Image Requirements: 1 Proof Photo Min. Photo must be original photo of item IN HAND


All listings must contain at least one picture. At least one photo must be a non-stock photo image, ideally a proof photo with username included. Photos should be of decent quality, less than 2MB, and accurately describe the state and condition of the garment.

– All listings must be of items that are actually owned by the author of the listing. Items in transit, on reservation, with a shopping agent, etc– are NOT allowed for sale, as they are not actually owned and proof photos are invalid.

– Proof photos generally should be in-focus with decent listing that clearly shows the item you are listing. Please crop or circle as necessary for photos with multiple items.

– Your proof photo should be out of the bag and shows the entirety of the item. For a garment, it should show from the collar/straps all the way down to the hem of the skirt, then from shoulder to shoulder. The color must be accurate to your description (if your item says white but your photo is pink, please retake your proof photo). You must show all components of the garment/item (e.g. collar, waist ties, choker, detachable bow) or state that those items are missing.

– Listings with poor photos or lacking proof photos can be reported, removed and asked to revise.

Item Condition Definitions


Items for sale do not necessarily have to be in “Like New”, or even “Good” condition, as long as the item’s true condition and extent of damage are explicitly and honestly stated and pictured in the listing. Listing information and images must accurately relevant the condition of the item for sale, or the seller may be subject to poor feedback or even bans from Resin Market.

New: Self-explanatory, Item must be in new condition with original paperwork showing authenticity and/or packaging included. Item must be in original sales condition with no damage or yellowing. If the item is a full set, no items should be missing from the set.

Like New: Many sellers like to mark items as Like New if the item is in very good condition, but the item MUST BE in very condition to be considered as Like New. The item should ideally have its original box or packaging, but it is not necessary. If the item is missing its original packaging or fullset items, it should be at highest marked as like new. Item must be in very condition with little to no damage. Doll can have been left on display a few times, but is otherwise new.

Good: Item has been worn/used or the doll has been handled several times (unstrung or redressed). The condition of the item shows some signs of wear or aging, but is overall minimal. Item must be generally undamaged other then typical wear and tear (like minor wrist damage or light yellowing due to age).

Fair: Examples of fair condition include: minor stains, small flaws, small rips or tears, cracking, and modifications that are well made and do not detract from the appearance of the doll significantly. A doll that is moderately yelowed not entirely due to age or is only slightly uneven, by light or something else, should be under this category or poor.

Poor: Examples of Poor condition include: heavy yellowing, uneven yellowing, heavy modifications, items with more then 3+ damage check boxes, broken or missing pieces of the doll itself and similar things along these lines. If the doll ideally needs to be rehomed to someone who needs to mod it to restring it for example, it would fall under this category.

Paypal/Payment Fees

Must be included with listing price, not extra


Sellers may not state in their policies or listings that Paypal or any other payment service fees are extra fees that are “covered by the buyer” or tacked onto the final price of an item. These fees must be paid by the seller, and included as a part of their listing price.



Resin Market currently only supports making listings in USD, United States Dollars. More support for currency conversion will come up in the future. The use of USD in the listing and shipping fields are strictly enforced. We understand that it is difficult to have to switch to another currency if you are not currently using United States dollars. Until the system for other currency is released, please keep the prices listed in USD to prevent any confusion for your buyers/potential buyers. You may decide to communicate with your buyer should you wish to invoice in another currency.