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I'm looking to sell this big guy too. I actually bought him from this website lol So I'm the second owner of this guy. Like all the other dolls, I did nothing with them and he sat in his pillow bag.
I unfortunately don't have his certificate since I lost it :( But he is original. and he comes with his little brain lol
His skin is like a normal peachy color !

He's basically brand new, no yellowing from what I can see because he's literally been opened  a few times and played with but and then lived in a box.

I lost interest in the hobby and would like to see these dolls ( I'll be posting more) go to a good home with someone who will actually do something with them than sit in a box. :)

I can give quotes on shipped for those are interested, so it would be price + shipping.

Thank you for looking! 😁

Shipping to United States: Contact seller for quote
This item does not ship outside United States
Brand: Soom
Gender: Male
Skintone: Normal
Condition: Like New
Yellowing: No Noticeable Yellowing
Purchase History: 2018
Ownership: I Am Not The First Owner Of This Item
Category: Large > Body

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