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I'm looking to sell this gal after so many years. I bought her when I was 18 and never did anything with her. I believe I purchased  her in 2018 as well as my other dolls. 
Her skin is the Pale and she comes in the little green baggy they give.
I'm not sure if MiroDoll ever gave certificates ?? Because I unfortunately don't have one for her.

She's basically brand new, maybe a little yellowing.

I lost interest in the hobby and would like to see these dolls ( I'll be posting more) go to a good home with someone who will actually do something with them than sit in a box. :)

I can give quotes on shipped for those are interested, so it would be price + shipping.

Thank you for looking! 😁

Shipping to United States: Contact seller for quote
This item does not ship outside United States
Brand: Mirodoll
Gender: Female
Skintone: White
Condition: Like New
Yellowing: A Little Yellowing
Yellowing Pattern: Even
Purchase History: 2018
Ownership: I Am The First Owner Of This Item
Proof: Original Box, Original Headplate
Category: Large > Complete Doll

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